CHEMIWAY is a professional trading company dedicated to the field of special chemicals since established in 2000. Under the principles of “trend-setting” and “industry-upgrading”, we are constantly making efforts to provide the best products and services for our customers. We look forward to creating a win-win situation and a brighter future.
Chemiway Corp. has been working with the well-known Japanese companies, such as ADEKA, Watanabe, etc. We import epoxy resins, diluents, latent hardeners from ADEKA, who has plenty of R&D experiences and a strong technical background. By doing so, we try to help domestic manufactures to invest in new development and to enhance the additional value and competitiveness of products.

We meanwhile import from Watanabe one-component polyurethane coating and sealants for use in waterproof, top coating, primer engineering, etc. In addition, we supply a variety of glass beads from Japan. They are suitable for grinding and dispersing and can also be used as plastic fillers, spacers and so on.

We deeply appreciate for your concern and support. We are pleased to satisfy customer requirements with the most professional information, the best quality products and the fastest services.